Useful tools available to the community

Mojo's Hope lends the following items/services to Alaskans who need them for their animals:
• Cat and Dog kennels
• Live traps for lost or stray cats

• Cat and Dog wheelchairs
• Microchip scanners

To borrow one of these items, please email or call 707-230-6394.


Information from our Partner Advocacy Organization: AlaskasKAAATS
Alaska's KAAATs is a resource for education, lost cats, cat behavior, pet-loss counseling, transitioning into the home, and more. The links below will take you to their site.


Several user-friendly brochures are available to assist our community even further by emailing


Topics available under Resources:

• Emergency preparedness

• Lost pet?

• Behavior support

• Helping your cat relax after a crisis

• Understanding cat body language (ears and tail)

• Resources for cats with CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease)

• Resources for cats with diabetes

• Help with feline obesity
• FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease)
• Guidance if you need to surrender your cat

Topics available under AdvoCATcy SupPURRorts:
• Enrichment for your cat
• Paws Need Claws

• How to greet a shy cat

• Are you ready to adopt a cat?
• How to transition into a new home

• Crate training

• Clicker training and food puzzles

• Humane live-trapping guide

• What to do if you find a lost/stray cat

• Why your cat should be indoors
• How to prepare for a vet visit