Useful tools available to the community

Mojo's Hope lends the following items/services to Alaskans who need them for their animals:
• Cat and Dog kennels
• Live traps for lost or stray cats

• Cat and Dog wheelchairs
• Microchip scanners

• Ramps 

To borrow one of these items, please email or call 907-230-6394.


Information from our Partner Advocacy Organization: AlaskasKAAATs
Alaska's KAAATs is a resource for education, lost cats, cat behavior, pet-loss counseling, transitioning into the home, and more. The links below will take you to their site.


Several user-friendly brochures are available to assist our community even further by emailing


Topics available under Resources:

• Emergency preparedness

• Lost pet?

• Behavior support

• Helping your cat relax after a crisis

• Understanding cat body language (ears and tail)

• Resources for cats with CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease)

• Resources for cats with diabetes

• Help with feline obesity
• FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease)
• Guidance if you need to surrender your cat

Topics available under AdvoCATcy SupPURRorts:
• Enrichment for your cat
• Paws Need Claws

• How to greet a shy cat

• Are you ready to adopt a cat?
• How to transition into a new home

• Crate training

• Clicker training and food puzzles

• Humane live-trapping guide

• What to do if you find a lost/stray cat

• Why your cat should be indoors
• How to prepare for a vet visit

Mojo's Hope Outreach Program

The HarPURR Fund

Do you have a cat with special needs that may have behaviors and/or medical needs that are becoming a struggle to handle? You can reach out to us at or give us a call at 907-230-6394 to speak with one of our Mojo's Hope Representatives to see how we can be of assistance. Our goal with the HarPURR Fund is to help families stay together and hopefully collaboratively help your cat and you. 

The goal with our Outreach Program is to help community members keep their cats with special needs (family members) instead of being put in the position of surrendering him/her due to veterinary needs.

This is a two step process. To qualify, purrlease complete our Outreach Application first. Once this is approved by our board and vet team we will email to let you know. Then you will need to complete the 2nd form before each vet visit and email that to us at Both forms are available to download below.

Outreach Application Form

Outreach Supplemental Form


Click on the link above to access our working list of Alaska's Animal Welfare Organizations.