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On July 30, 2022, we helped our purrecious Tei-Tei cross over the Rainbow Bridge. As we mentioned a few weeks back he began to decline and this week he let us know it was his time. Our sweet boy basked in the sunlight the last few days with his Mojo’s Hope family surrounding him, checking on him and ensuring he was comfortable.

Tei-Tei came into our Mojo’s Hope program in November of 2019. An elder cat who was found outdoors, blind and declawed. This still haunts me to this day. He was confused, scared and very sick. We were so grateful we were able to provide him with a loving & safe refuge for the last 3+ years. Tei-Tei had a number of medical issues along with Cognitive Dysfunction. CD is similar to Alzheimer's in humans. At times he would get disoriented, he vocalized at all hours of the night but always accepted comfort. A simple caress and hug quickly calmed him down.

Tei-Tei loved to be cradled in your arms and his purr was strong and steady. He asked for so little, however gave so much to our MH home. He was a gentle friend to the other fosters and an incredibly loving soul.

We greatly apPURReciated all the people friends he had who loved him so, those who sent us warm beds and catnip toys for him. We are grateful for our supporters who donate to us monthly as these funds help us to provide the best care possible for cats like Tei-Tei who stay in our purrever foster program due to their medical needs.

It was an incredible honor to love him, care for him and have him as part of our purrecious Mojo’s Hope Family. Even though he was never adopted, each of our rescues are always considered family and are treated that way always.

We love you so dearly purrecious boy and you are so missed already. We hope you are prancing around again over the Rainbow Bridge, free of any pain or discomfort. Rest in Purrever love sweet boy. We love you furever.

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