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Over the years we have had the honor of caring for so many special souls who remained a part of our Mojo’s Hope Family either as a purrever foster, or because they never had the chance to choose another home.  Each of our rescues are uniquely special and purriceless to us and are always considered a part of our family.  When they pass under our care, we feel it is of utmost importance to honor each one and share a tribute to each one.



On July 30, 2022, we helped our purrecious Tei-Tei cross over the Rainbow Bridge. As we mentioned a few weeks back he began to decline and this week he let us know it was his time. Our sweet boy basked in the sunlight the last few days with his Mojo’s Hope family surrounding him, checking on him and ensuring he was comfortable.

Tei-Tei came into our Mojo’s Hope program in November of 2019. An elder cat who was found outdoors, blind and declawed. This still haunts me to this day. He was confused, scared and very sick. We were so grateful we were able to provide him with a loving & safe refuge for the last 3+ years. Tei-Tei had a number of medical issues along with Cognitive Dysfunction. CD is similar to Alzheimer's in humans. At times he would get disoriented, he vocalized at all hours of the night but always accepted comfort. A simple caress and hug quickly calmed him down.

Tei-Tei loved to be cradled in your arms and his purr was strong and steady. He asked for so little, however gave so much to our MH home. He was a gentle friend to the other fosters and an incredibly loving soul.

We greatly apPURReciated all the people friends he had who loved him so, those who sent us warm beds and catnip toys for him. We are grateful for our supporters who donate to us monthly as these funds help us to provide the best care possible for cats like Tei-Tei who stay in our purrever foster program due to their medical needs.

It was an incredible honor to love him, care for him and have him as part of our purrecious Mojo’s Hope Family. Even though he was never adopted, each of our rescues are always considered family and are treated that way always.

We love you so dearly purrecious boy and you are so missed already. We hope you are prancing around again over the Rainbow Bridge, free of any pain or discomfort. Rest in Purrever love sweet boy. We love you furever.



Yosha was such a special soul whose time with us was short, but filled with endless head bumps, love and comfort. Yosha started his life at the Alaska Humane Society with 3 of his brothers back in 2009. Yes, 2009! He was so painfully shy when we first met Yosha and didn’t enjoy interactions with people. Our founder also volunteers at this shelter and spends time helping to socialize the shy/fearful cats as this is something near and dear to her heart. After about 2 years Yosha (along with many others) not only came around, he started seeking out interactions. Helping the cats to feel comfortable around people is so important for many reasons. We want them to feel safe, loved and know that people are “good.” But it also helps us to get them the proper medical care they need. Yosha had medical issues over the years and this summer we decided he needed to transfer to our program. Upon coming to us and seeing our vet, we discovered he had a mass growing on his chin and sadly over the past 6 months that tumor continued to grow and into his nasal passage. Yosha was eating like a champ, loving his time with his fellow fosters, with Butters and TJ being his number one friends. He trusted his caregiver who had to give him daily medication and this was shown with this heart melting head bumps. Oh how much those were loved. He has the most trusting eyes, his fangs were adorable, giant paws of love and his beautiful spirit was treasured beyond words. We could not anticipate how much time he could be with us, but every moment was inundated with love. Knowing that Yosha transformed into such a loving, trusting soul, filled our hearts with so much love. He knew he was loved, he knew he was safe and when we said goodbye cradled in our arms, he went so peacefully. Yosha sweet boy, it was truly an honor to be your caregiver and to have earned your trust. Rest in Purrever love, sweet Yosha. May we meet again over the Rainbow Bridge beautiful boy.


We have many purrecious angels that come into our program, lost souls who were no longer wanted, didn’t get the care they needed to thrive and most of all were not considered a family member. Kiska earned her angel wings yesterday and passed peacefully with her loving caregiver holding her close. Her time with us had come to an end, but she was surrounded by endless love. You will have to bear with me as I have 1000’s of photos and videos of her and each one just shows how purrecious she was. 


The moment we met Kiska over 6 years ago it was instant love. We were told she was blind and was in need of rescue. When we took her in, we found that she was not blind yet, however her eyes were a big concern. We had to push the vet we were working with at the time to pressure check her eyes as we were told, “That’s just the way she is.” That type of diagnosis is never sufficient and if our instincts are telling us something more significant is going on then we are usually 100% spot on. Fast forward a month later we finally were able to get her eyes checked and sure enough her pressure was 45-47. Normal pressure range is 15-20. That purroved not only she was in pain, but was in need of a specialist to further diagnose what was going on. The eye specialist determined she had a very rare form of Glaucoma called Aqueous Humor Misdirection, which is easily treatable. The only caveat was the price of the medication. However, caring for her and hopefully finding her a loving, responsible home was our ultimate goal. Fast forward 6 years later, Kiska continued to stay in our Mojo’s Hope program. She was the sweetest, most gentle snuggle bug who danced feverishly in the light ( towards the end she could only see light), pounced on mouse toys, and kneaded away with sheer delight while snuggled on a lap. She never asked for anything, was quiet, exceptionally loving and the sweetest of souls. Her time with us was cherished every single day. We know that our cats with these significant needs can have a hard time finding their place in this world, that is why we take great purride in being able to purrovide each one with a loving, safe, nurturing place that they can call home.


When we have to move forward with letting them go, that decision is never easy, but it is always about meeting their needs. Each moment, each caress, each gentle pet is impurressed upon our hearts and when they are able to pass surrounded by love, we know they will be greeted by the infinite angels by the gates of the Rainbow Bridge. Sweet Kiska you were truly the most special of girls, we will miss you purrecious girl, your dance of joy, the purrofound love that emanated from your soul. Rest in Purrever love sweet girl, it was an honor to love and care for you. 

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